Epoxy Soybean Oil Characteristics (1)

As a resource-rich, inexpensive non-toxic, environmentally friendly, thermal stability, light stability, solvent-resistant raw materials are widely used in PVC plasticizing stabilizer, food packaging materials, medicinal products and other production; as the paint industry to save resources, energy, reduce pollution direction, The application of epoxy soybean oil in coatings field is increasing. The research of epoxy soybean oil for domestic coatings mainly concentrates on UV-curable epoxy oil acrylate system with free radicals, some foreign studies also involve the cationic curing system, in addition to epoxy soybean oil in other paint systems are also used, experts introduced the topic introduced. The transformation of epoxy soybean oil into compounds and its application in many fields has achieved remarkable results.

The viscosity of epoxy soybean oil is low and the molecular chain flexibility is good, and it can be used as modifier in some common paint system, which could effectively improve the performance of the original system and reduce the production cost. In addition, epoxy soybean oil extracts or the conversion of epoxy soybean oil produced a series of coatings also-showed good usability, the development prospects are very attractive. In the low VOC content alkyd coating, the study of adding epoxy soybean oil as active diluent, the results show that this is helpful to decrease the drying time of pigments, and adding epoxy soybean oil modifier to ceramic base coating successfully formed a new kind of organic-inorganic hybrid coating, which contains 3 kinds of gel-sol precursors (titanium oxide , the results showed that with the addition of epoxy soybean oil in organic phase, the cured film still showed excellent hardness and toughness was improved, but the adhesion and impact strength were also decreased slightly at the same time.

The application of epoxy soybean oil after effective transformation is also the development direction in recent years. The addition of epoxy soybean oil and methylamine can be used as the anti corrosive agents of the coatings, and the reaction of epoxy soybean oil with methyl amine is studied the effects of different concentrations of methylamine addition on the properties of cured films were studied by mixing different concentrations of methyl amine with styrene/acrylic coating. Compared with chromate inhibitor pigments, methylamine addition is more economical, less polluted and has the best corrosion resistance when the mass fraction is 0.5%. The role of epoxy soybean oil with a range of reagents, including some long-chain fatty acids, then with two isocyanate reaction to the residual cyanate root mass fraction of 1.8% when the termination of the reaction, and then in the Prepolymer to add the right amount of silane coupling agent and a small amount of methanol, can also be made of isocyanate wet-cured polyurethane coating, The system is automatically catalyzed without the need for long-term moisture to obtain good performance.

The transformation of epoxy soybean oil into a new type soybean oil phosphate multi-hydroxyl compound and in the application of the coating has been achieved: the use of it easily with water-based or solvent paint, the characteristics of the preparation of heat-cured water-soluble alkyd paint, and found that the coating curing conditions are not high, strong adhesion, and has low VOC content and excellent impact strength and hardness. The research results of soybean oil phosphate multi-hydroxyl compounds have opened up a Low-cost method for preparing high toughness and durability of new coatings for coatings industry, and the preparation process has no pollution and has commercial development value. Domestic epoxy soybean oil acrylate and modified epoxy oil acrylic ester, the application of UV-curable optical fiber coatings has been promoted, in which epoxy oil acrylate coatings can be used as surface metallized film coating, especially suitable for the manufacture of cardboard varnish, gloss paint, wood varnish, pigments and so on. In the coatings industry towards environmental protection, energy conservation, the application of epoxy soybean oil, including all kinds of coating applications will be further widened.