Epoxy Soybean Oil Formula

Epoxidized soybean oil is produced using edible soybean oil and hydrogen peroxide as the main raw materials. In line with the requirements of the US FDA standards, epoxidized soybean oil has the characteristics of odorless, non-toxic, high color transparency and wide application. The addition of epoxidized soybean oil in the production process of PVC products not only has a good plasticizing effect on PVC, but also can quickly absorb hydrogen chloride degraded by heat and light, thereby retarding the continuous decomposition of PVC. The active chlorine atom on the PVC chain is stabilized and acts as a stabilizer.

Epoxy soybean oil is used in combination with a polyester plasticizer to reduce migration of the polyester plasticizer. The synergistic effect with the metal heat stabilizer can greatly increase the stabilizing effect, and the amount of the metal soap can be reduced to one third of the total amount required for the single use. Because the compatibility of this product with PVC is comparable to DOP, and its plasticizing efficiency is better than DOP, the use of this product can reduce the amount of total plasticizer in the product. This not only reduces the cost, but also improves the technical specifications of the product, such as enhancing the impact strength, transparency, printability, and weldability of the product.


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