ESBO Market

JIAAO is a professional manufacturer of the Expoxidized Soybean Oil, in 2018 we have a pretty sale record, in 2019 will move forward step again.

Epoxidized soy oil market from pigment dispersion agent application is likely witness substantial gains of over 6% by 2024.  ESBO is used as a pigment scattering agent and as an epoxy reactive diluent. Due to its controlled cost, non-toxic nature and eco-friendly properties along with its biodegradability as compared to other phthalate plasticizers, epoxidized soybean oil is likely to replace dioctyl phthalate (DOP) in industrial application. These product functions are likely to stimulate industry growth by 2024.

ESBO market is likely foresee gains on account of its usage as raw materials for numerous applications which include polyol replacements, fuel additives, functional fluids, flavor & fragrances, agricultural and pharmaceutical molecules. The product act as a polymeric plasticizer and owing to its high molecular weight, it resists extraction, volatilization, and migration, which is likely to boost market growth in forecast timeframe.


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