ESBO's Application

Epoxidized soybean oil is a light yellow oily liquid, which dissolves in such organic solvents as benzene, cyclohexane, acetone ethyl acetate with folding resistance and can improve impact resistance of PVC products.

Epoxidized soybean oil, as a kind of plasticizer, with no odor and toxicity is quite stable in light and heat environment, with a molecular weight around 1000, which is much higher than those of common plasticizers. So it is volatility resistance and uneasy moving and dissipation in PVC products. Such features are good for keeping products stability from light and heat and expanding products life. The oil can be used for all soft and hard PVC products, wire/cable material, medical equipment factories, PVC windows and doors, carpet and so on.

It can not only improve the products price, but also strengthen the processing and physical performances of products, which provide essential conditions for non-toxic PVC resin entering packing industry.

However, ESBO has it's disadvantages. ESBO can not be used as an primary plasticizer in soft PVC product because its high molecular weight.  It's usually used as an secondary plasticizer with low proportion, in order to avoid migration. 

Here is some PVC formula for reference:

1. PVC blowing film

     PVC: 100

     CaCO3: 20~30

     DOTP: 50~60

     ESBO: 2~8

     Ba-Zn Stabilizer: 1~2

2. Decoration film

     PVC: 100

     CaCO3: 30~50

     DOTP: 25~30

     ESBO: 2~8

     Ba-Zn Stabilizer: 2~3

3. PVC tube

     PVC(SG-2): 100

     DOP: 45

     ESBO: 5

     Tin Stabilizer: 2

     Ca-Zn Stabilizer:  1


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