ESO's Application In Coating And Adhesive

As we all know, epoxidized soybean oil plays a very important role in the field of PVC. 

But in addition, the application of epoxidized soybean oil in coatings and adhesives is geting wider and wider due to its suitable price, strong photosensitivity, good film performance, flexible molecular chain and low viscosity. 

1. ESO phenolic resin

  To replace Tung oil: CCL, circuit board

  An internal plasticizing modified phenolic resin with excellent toughness and thermal stability was synthesized by    replacing tung oil with epoxy soybean oil, which plays a key role in improving the weldability of copper clad laminates.

   -- Reactive-type ESO  (Reaction: Polyaddition)


   -- additive-type ESO

   Add 6%-10% to phenolic resin to improve the brittleness


2.  ESO acrylic resin

    ESO acrylic resin paint features in fast photocure, excellent adhesion & flexibility, good wetting dispersivity for pigments. It is mainly applied to UV varnish, paper, plastics gloss finish, carpentry coating, planography & screen inks, color development agent and metal-decoration.


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