ESO's Future Prospects, The Development Of Reliable Development Plan

Epoxy soybean oil in the company occupies an important position, the company for its research excellence is, I believe we book a first-class skills, and high-quality service has won the favor of everyone in the industry establish a good corporate image .

Epoxy soybean oil is a most widely used non-toxic PVC plasticizers and stabilizers. Good compatibility with PVC resin, low volatility and little mobility. Has excellent thermal stability and light stability, water resistance and oil resistance is also good, giving the product a good mechanical strength, weather resistance and electrical properties, and non-toxic, is an internationally recognized chemical process aids used in food packaging material .

Looking to the future, we will fully summarize the achievements and challenges over the years on the basis for the current and future competitive situation and characteristics, to develop a scientific development strategy. As soon as possible and strive to introduce strategic capital, production equipment and process improvement, business channel development and achieved breakthroughs. We are confident that Rayleigh company will create new glories, will quickly take off together with the Chinese economy