For The First Time, Domestic Catalysts Were Used To Produce Medium Density Polyethylene In Zhenhai Refinery

On April 9th, zhenhai refining and chemical polyethylene plant successfully used slurry catalyst with independent intellectual property rights of sinopec to produce medium-density polyethylene product for the first time, marking that the domestic production of polyethylene catalyst has achieved stage achievements.


Polyethylene catalyst slurry localization research is a subsidiary of zhenhai refining, north courtyard, catalyst, the headquarters of the joint declaration of major projects of science and technology research projects, after nearly two years of technical research and industrial trial, in such aspects as catalyst performance improvement and optimization control has made breakthrough progress, the domestic slurry catalyst has in high and low melting, low density products of normal use conditions. In order to further improve the application level of sinopec catalyst in similar large-scale units, the slurry catalyst was applied to the production of medium-density polyethylene products for the first time on April 9 according to the target of major special projects and the company's arrangement.


In order to ensure the operation of the catalyst used during stable and reliable quality, zhenhai refining company organized catalyst production, research and development and quality of technical personnel and catalyst continuous improvement, medium density product brand switching scheme, the parameter optimization of polymerization technology and quality control, preparation of catalyst for trial and brand switching scheme in detail.


In this trial of the catalyst, the device staff worked together to smoothly and continuously switch six medium density polyethylene products, achieving a new breakthrough in the application of domestic catalysts.


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