Freeze-resistant Epoxidized Soybean Oil

Epoxy soybean oil (ESO) is a heat-resistant, weather-resistant plasticizer with a flash point of 280 ° C to 290 ° C. Some industries use epoxy soybean oil as a stabilizer.

As the temperature drops, epoxidized soybean oil is easy to freeze is an indisputable fact. In the North, many customers have reduced the use of epoxy soybean oil, or simply disabled.

To solve this problem, after years of research on environmental protection research and development department of Jia'ao, recently launched freeze-resistant epoxy soybean oil.

On the basis of not reducing the other indexes that epoxy soybean oil should have, the condensation point of the epoxy soybean oil is reduced.

Samples placed in the 1-5 ℃ temperature in more than 5 days, still maintain the picture of the state.

Jiaao delivery tanker has its own insulation device to ensure that the epoxy soybean oil to liquid state to the customer factory. However, some customers do not have a storage tank heating device, when the temperature drops epoxy soybean oil easily frozen into a lard floating layer. Now freeze-resistant epoxy soybean oil to solve customer problems in this regard.

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