Global Methanol To Asia And Asian Methanol To China

According to yu guoliang, director of the intelligence research project of China petrochemical corporation, the total international methanol production capacity is about 140 million tons at present. In the past two years, the fast growth of its supply side is mainly the United States and Iran, while the demand side is mainly the growth of China's MTO and southeast Asian biodiesel. In particular, China's annual consumption of methanol accounts for more than 50% of global methanol demand. It can be said that "global methanol looks at Asia, Asian methanol looks at China".


In fact, the Middle East, including Iran and Saudi Arabia, is the main source of China's methanol demand. Imports from Iran averaged 200,000 to 250,000 tons a month, while Saudi imports averaged about 70,000 tons. Due to trade frictions between China and the us, us exports to China have been limited this year. In terms of South American devices, although the previous devices such as Trinidad and Tobago have been restored, the situation of the long-term device restart in venezuela and Chile remains to be concerned, and the specific data needs to be further tracked.


In this situation, the domestic methanol industry has a small and steady growth in downstream demand, which mainly benefits from the increase in traditional demand. In fact, due to the rising price of crude oil, MTBE has made good profits since the third quarter, adding up the production profits of acetic acid enterprises, and the operation rate of methanol enterprises is obviously better than last year. Due to environmental protection, the growth rate of formaldehyde production is significantly lower than that of last year. However, since the third quarter, the opening rate of formaldehyde is equal to that of last year, and it is expected to maintain the current level before the end of the year. At the same time, the profit of the main downstream MTO plant of methanol is obviously lower, but its absolute profit still leads.


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