Heat Stabilizers In PVC

Plastics are amazingly versatile and useful compounds, but they do have a common Achilles’ heel: heat. Heat stabilizers solve that problem by helping the materials they’re added to better resist the damage that can stem from exposure to high temperatures. These common polymer additives are precisely why extremely hot water doesn’t melt the PVC plumbing pipes in your home.

When incorporated into a polymer, heat stabilizers protect the properties of the overall compound from heat damage, either during the manufacturing process or during normal use of the finished product. While different polymers have varying degrees of heat resistance, heat stabilizers are added to virtually all polymer types. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the most common polymer that benefits from a heat-stabilizing additive. JIAAO focuse on eco - friendly heat stabilizers like Ca - Zn Stabilizers, Ba - Zn stabilizers both of them have liquid and powder type.


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