How Is Epoxy Soybean Oil Prepared?

Epoxy soybean oil is prepared by mixing soybean oil, formic acid and benzene with benzene as solvent and sulfuric acid as catalyst. After completion, the waste acid water is separated by standing, and the oil layer is washed with dilute alkali solution and soft water until neutral. After oil and water separation, the oil layer must be distilled, the distilled benzene water mixture is separated by condensation, benzene is returned to be reused, the kettle liquid is reduced pressure distillation, intercept the finished distillate. At a certain temperature, the added stabilizer plays a stabilizing role in the formation of peroxyformic acid, ensuring that the oxygen atoms released by peroxyformic acid can fully contact with the unsaturated bond in epoxy soybean oil, so as to make the epoxidation reaction to the product direction.

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