How Much Do You Know About The Use Of Epoxy Fatty Acid Methyl Ester?

Epoxy fatty acid methyl ester is not well understood by everyone. It is the product of the chemical reaction between formic acid and hydrogen peroxide using biodiesel as the raw material. It is also a kind of extender. Now we will be in the industries of fuel additives and emulsifier products. How much do you know about the application of epoxy fatty acid methyl ester? Today, the editor will give you a detailed introduction today.

    Generally speaking, epoxy fatty acid methyl ester is mainly used as a plasticizer. It can not only completely replace DOP plasticizer, but also produce non-toxic and environmentally friendly PVC products. Usually, most of these products are used in food packaging and medical treatment. It is also used as a non-toxic plasticizer and softener for cellulose resin and synthetic rubber. In the processing of products, adding epoxy fatty acid methyl ester can improve the physical properties of the products and prolong the aging time. When used with metal stabilizers such as barium, cadmium, and zinc, it has a good synergistic effect.

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