How To Test Saponification Value And Ester Content Of Plasticizer Based On G/B T 1665-95

1.Main point: To test the saponification value and ester content of plasticizer

2.Principle:To phenolphthalein as indicator, aqueous standard solution of hydrochloric acid titrate with excess KOH which is saponificated by KOH-ethyl alcohol liquor


    c(KOH)=1 mol/L Ethyl alcohol liquor 95%(V/V)

    c(HCL)=1.000 mil/L Standard titration solution

    Phenolphthalein indicator


    Conical flask 250ml

    Water cooling model reflux condenser 

    Pipette :50ml

    Burette L:50ml

5. Analysis procedure

    5.1: Drop each 50ml KOH-ethyl alcohol liquor into 2 same conical flask with 5ml water. Then take weight by  below calculation 


         ME: means the relative molecular weight of sample

         NE:means the number of ester group in the molecule

    5.2: Put below instrument into the hot water for 1 hour, and wait for the temperature down indoor temperature. Wash the instrument with 20ml water


    5.3: Drop 0.25ml phenolphthalein indicator solution with standard solution of hydrochloric acid  until the pink disappear .then do blank testing.

6:To calculate ester content

图片2  OR    图片3

   V0= the volume of standard solution of hydrochloric acid used in blank testing, mL

   V=the volume of standard solution of hydrochloric acid used in testing,mL

   c=the real concentration of standard solution of hydrochloric acid

   m=the weight of sample

   ME=the molar mass of corresponding ester,g/mol

   MA=the molar mass of corresponding  acid ,g/mol

   NE=the number of Ester group of corresponding ester

   NA=the number of hydroxy of corresponding acid

   A=the acidity of corresponding acid

   X=the acid value of corresponding acid,mgKOH/g


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