Improving The Collection And Classification Of Plastic Waste Can Improve The Quality Of Recycled Plastic

According to a survey by the European Plastics Converters (EuPC), more than 76 per cent of European Plastics processors believe that improving the collection and sorting of plastic waste is the most appropriate way to improve the quality of recycled Plastics (rPM).


The EuPC survey involved 376 companies from 21 European countries. The survey showed that 53 percent of respondents thought better recycling technology should be used, while 29 percent asked for "better recycling design." About 80 percent of respondents said they had taken steps to improve the quality of their recyclables.


EuPC said the level of recyclable materials required by the eu's previously announced European plastics strategy was "almost impossible under current conditions".


The EuPC survey included 10 different recycled plastic materials, but most respondents said two were "sufficient".


EuPC said the situation had "deteriorated" in terms of the quality of recycled plastic available. Recycled PET was the only material approved by a majority of respondents, and 71% of respondents said the quality of recycled PET met the standards.


It is understood that EuPC is working to resolve technical issues related to polymer recycling and recycling of recycled plastics through conversion companies.


EuPC plans to conduct another survey in 2019. The association is currently working on a project to develop a single, unified online tool to monitor the use of recycled plastics in the European plastics processing industry.


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