India Banned The Import Of Waste Plastics In August 2019

India's environment minister Javadekar has announced a ban on the import of plastic waste from August 2019. The government has decided to fence off urban forest areas and turn them into forests for people to participate in. Measures have been taken to curb pollution, Javadekar told reporters in a question and answer session that India produces about 20,000 tons of waste plastic every day, of which only 13,000 to 14,000 tons are collected. The government has taken various measures to protect the environment and control air pollution. He says the government is working on a large scale after a successful pilot program to teach children to plant trees in school nurseries.

In addition, the Indian government has issued six waste management regulations in 2016, including solid waste, waste plastics, e-waste, bio-medical waste, demolition and construction waste and hazardous waste. Javadekar stressed that air pollution is a global phenomenon and that some cities face serious problems. India has taken concrete measures to curb air pollution in the national capital, including developing highways to prevent 60,000 trucks from entering the city.


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