India Has Declared A State Closure And Imposed A 14-day Quarantine On All Ships Arriving At The Port.

Foreign Vrius is still spreading rapidly, in this context, Italy, Malaysia, Australia, the Philippines, Singapore and other countries began to declare a "country", "city closure", in order to stop the spread of the Vrius. These policies have also directly led to the disruption of production and logistics in many factories, posing great challenges to the global industrial chain.

Just now, India's central government, after meeting with state governments, has decided to close down 75 districts, including the capital, new Delhi, which have been hit hard by the outbreak. All passenger trains, subways and inter-state transport were banned, construction activities were suspended, religious sites were closed and all commercial facilities and factories in the city were closed until March 31 local time.

Meanwhile, the general administration of shipping (DGS) of India has started to quarantine ships departing from all ports in China and other countries with severe disease for 14 days from the last port.

Therefore, in the near future, foreign trade, freight forwarding to India, please be sure to pay attention to, tell each other, beware of goods transport time extension, as well as to India after the local unmanned pick up, transfer is not smooth!


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