JIAAO Plasticizers In Wire And Cable

Plasticisers make a important role in PVC wire and cable. Plasticizers make PVC bendable and soft, essential to produce wires and cables. PVC has some inherent properties which make it the ideal choice for a range of different applications. For example, PVC is fire retardant and can reduce or suppress combustion in case of fires and prevents flames from propagating. High safety standards must be maintained in all cables whether they are used indoor or outdoor. PVC gives insulation, strength and protection at a wide range of operating temperatures. This is vital in the case of inner electric wires, cables and fibre optics used at very low temperatures (when buried underground or below the sea) and at very high ones (when located close to powerful engines as it is the case in automotive applications). Flexible PVC is a sensible choice for cables and wires because it is affordable, durable, a good insulator and can be recycled. PVC wires and cables can last up to 80 years under normal conditions of use.JIAAO Plasticizers, like H70 H90 ,TOTM are widely apply in PVC wire and cable production.


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