Jiaao's Lead Free Stabilizer For PVC

Stabilizers are essential materials for these PVC products to show durability and/or increase mold stability. Metallic salts are main ingredient of the stabilizers and optimized for each applications.

Lead compounds have been used for a long time for rigid PVC, such as pipes and window profiles, and wire jacket etc. However, these days lead is more and more avoided to use due to its toxicity. 

Calcium-Zinc stabilizer was traditionally used in the manufacturing of products such as PVC toys, medical products and potable water pipelines, where non-toxic requirements excluded the use of other heavy metal based stabilisers systems.

We are focusing on the research of PVC stabilizers that meet global regulations of chemical materials. If you have any need, pls feel free to contact with us by email joey(a)jiaaohuanbao.com.  

We have liquid stalibizers and powder stabilizers, used in cables and wires,  transparent products,  calendering film, rigid products like holes and pipes, etc.


Our stabilizers are developed based on our Lead Free Technology for PVC Stabilizers. All of our plasticizers and stabilizers meet the EU-Standard.  


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