Main Indicators Of Diesel Fuel

Diesel oil is widely used in large vehicles, ships, generators and so on. Mainly used as a diesel engine liquid fuel, because of high-speed diesel engine (automotive) than gasoline engine oil, Biodiesel diesel demand growth rate is greater than gasoline. Diesel has a low energy consumption, low pollution environmental characteristics, so some small cars and even high-performance cars have switched to diesel.

The main indicators of diesel fuel are: combustion, evaporation and so on.

Combustibility (Ignition):

The combustion of diesel fuel directly affects the work of diesel engine. The 16-alkane value is an important index to indicate the ignition and combustion performance of diesel in the engine. Biodiesel The 16-alkane value of diesel directly affects the combustion process of fuel in diesel engine.

Diesel has a high value of 16 alkanes, low spontaneous combustion point, easy spontaneous combustion in diesel engine cylinder, stable engine work. If the 16-alkane value of diesel oil is too low, Biodiesel the fuel ignition is difficult, it will produce abnormal combustion, reduce the engine power. However, Diesel's 16-alkane value should not be too high, if too high, diesel oil can not be completely burned, fuel consumption increased.

The 16-alkane value of diesel is related to its chemical composition. More oil oil information oil-blending technology please pay attention to the public oil circle. The 16 alkane value of N-alkanes is the highest, Biodiesel the cycloalkanes is second, and the 16 alkanes of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are lowest. Biodiesel Normally, the 16-alkane value of diesel fuel should be within the 45~60 range.

(2) Evaporation:

To make the engine start and work properly, the diesel oil has a good evaporation property. But evaporation is not too strong, because the evaporation speed is too fast, burning will accumulate a lot of diesel, so that the engine work instability. At the same time, the evaporation is strong, that is, the fraction is light, the viscosity is necessarily small, will not only increase the fuel injection pump wear, Biodiesel but also reduce the spray quality, so that the combustion process deteriorated. This means that the evaporation of diesel oil is too strong or too poor, that is, the distillate is too light or too heavy. The evaporation of diesel oil is mainly evaluated by distillation process and closed flash point.

Diesel viscosity

Is the important performance of diesel oil, which is closely related to the amount of diesel oil, atomization, combustion and lubricity. High-speed diesel engine running, fuel injection time is only 0.001 ~ 0.002 seconds, in such a short time to the injection of diesel gasification spontaneous combustion, Biodiesel the droplet diameter can not exceed 0.025mm to ensure full combustion. Atomization good or bad depends on viscosity, stick through large droplets, mixed with air and uneven, combustion does not fully form the accumulation of carbon; if the stick through small, atomization is good, but the injection angle is big and near, also can not mix with the air and complete, Biodiesel at the same time on the nozzle and other components of lubrication performance, increase wear. In the standard, the kinematic viscosity of No. No. 0 Light diesel oil at 20 ℃ is 3.0~8.0mm2/s, only in this range, can not only ensure that diesel fuel supply system for the engine has a good lubricity, to ensure that diesel has a good atomization performance and supply capacity, so that diesel has a good combustion performance.

Diesel oil is divided into vehicle diesel and dedicated diesel.

Vehicle diesel is also known as light diesel oil, mainly from diesel fractions of FCC, and some straight-run diesel fractions. such as the appropriate 16 alkane value, Biodiesel good low-temperature fluidity and storage stability and low ash and so on.

Special diesel is also known as heavy diesel, mainly used in stationary diesel generators, railways and ships and other large medium and low speed diesel engines, distillate heavier, and even can be mixed with a certain amount of heavy oil, so because the distillate is heavier, not easy to burn completely, Biodiesel not suitable for automotive engines.