Market Analysis Of Adipic Acid

Adipic acid (adipic acid) is mainly used in the production of nylon, polyurethane sizing and sole solution.In 2007, the global adipic acid production capacity was 2.94 million t/a, of which the north American and western European production capacity accounted for more than 80%.Invidia is the world's largest adipic acid producer, accounting for 40% of the world's total production capacity, followed by rhodia with 18.4%. Other manufacturers with their own process routes include basf and asahi chemical, and other large producers include zeno, landic, liaohua and lanxess.

Foreign adipic acid is mainly used in nylon production, polyurethane industry applications are few, and there are obvious differences with the domestic.At present, the demand of foreign nylon 66 for adipic acid accounts for about 62% of the total demand, with an average annual growth of 1.9%. Among them, the average annual growth of engineering grade nylon 66 is more than 4%, while the demand of fiber grade nylon 66 for adipic acid grows slowly.

China adipic acid industry started late and developed rapidly.In 2006, China's adipic acid production capacity was about 200,000 t/a, accounting for 7% of the global production capacity.Liaoyang petroleum and chemical fiber co., LTD. (with a capacity of 140,000 t/a) and henan whatan group (with a capacity of 50,000 t/a) are the largest production enterprises, and there are more than 20 small enterprises mainly distributed in the southeast coast, whose annual output ranges from hundreds of tons to thousands of tons.

Adipic acid is mainly used in the fields of nylon 66 and polyurethane, and its consumption in 2006 was 320,000 t.Among them polyurethane industry to adipic acid demand occupies the main position.At present, the main domestic manufacturer of nylon 66 henan what has 50,000 t/a

Adipic acid production capacity, all used in their own production of nylon 66, and must purchase adipic acid to meet their own needs;At present, the growth trend of pulp production in China is gradually slowing down, and the next few years will gradually enter a stable development period. In 2006, the demand of adipic acid in China's pulp industry still accounts for 40% of the total consumption of adipic acid in China.Since 2005, sole solution industry has suffered setbacks repeatedly, and the output growth is slow, and the demand for adipic acid is also weak.In addition, polyurethane adhesive, plasticizer, coating and TPU also have certain consumption to adipic acid.


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