Methyl Chloride Coexisting With Chlorinated Paraffin?

Chlorinated paraffin, also known as chlorinated hydrocarbon, is the product of chlorinated paraffin and a chlorinated derivative of paraffin.Due to its good electrical insulation, fire resistance and flame retardant characteristics and cheap price, chlorinated paraffin is the third largest plasticizer in China after DOP and DBP.

Methyl chloride, the full name of methyl chloromethoxide fatty acid ester, as a new environmental protection plasticizer, the product raw materials from natural oil, in line with the current world environmental protection trend and international environmental protection requirements, and good compatibility with PVC, is a cheap and good substitute for DOP type plasticizer.

Both of the downstream application areas of the cross - range, and the basic general production equipment, similar production process.However, in 2016, the early production of methyl chloride enterprises more parking, why parking?What happened during the late chlorinated methyl ester in the chlorinated paraffin industry resurfaced?Methyl methyl chloride as main in epoxy industry, less than two years in chlorinated paraffin industry, such as colour value during the problem be solved step by step, but under the poor performance of macroeconomic environment, due to cost considerations, a downstream user of methyl chloride as purchase intention is reduced, shipment as manufacturer's largest, therefore appear methyl chloride generation enterprise parking phenomenon, and behind it is the most direct reason methyl chloride generation cost advantage.

Chlorinated methyl ester and the relationships between the raw palm oil can be a one-sentence summary: into me, hurt me, to say the original in terms of raw material selected, the fatty acid methyl ester, chose between biological diesel oil, palm oil, palm oil, methyl chloride generation problem has been resolved, such as colour value but methyl chloride generation enterprise plans to exit, also because of palm oil prices are higher, and liquid wax prices continue to decline, coupled with liquid chlorine market price at a low price, methyl chloride generation and the difference between the cost of chlorinated paraffin from negative to positive, methyl chloride generation cost advantage.From 2013 to February 2015, the cost of methyl chloride ester was 75-1,550 yuan/ton lower than that of chlorinated paraffin, with an average value of 760 yuan/ton. However, since March 2015, the cost of methyl chloride ester was higher than that of chlorinated paraffin. Up to now, the maximum monthly average price difference was 1,295 yuan/ton in February 2016, and the minimum value was basically flat in November 2015.In this case, from the second half of last year, the price of methyl chloride is much higher than that of chlorinated paraffin.

In the short term, the manufacturer said or temporarily resume the production of chlorinated paraffin to maintain survival, and in the long term, methyl chloride in the chlorinated paraffin industry exit, replacement or coexistence?Market confusion mentality of the majority.For manufacturers, most of the downstream application fields of chlorinated paraffin and methyl chloride are repeated. On the premise of not replacing the device, the most important thing for manufacturers is to maximize the benefits. Especially, the current production process of methyl chloride has become mature.Whether methyl chloride or chlorinated paraffin is produced later depends largely on the relationship between the prices of raw materials.


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