New National Standard For Running Tracks Is Effected In Nov.1st,2018

Running tracks in schools have been in the news again, after students in several provinces and regions reportedly suffered nose bleeds, coughs, skin allergies and repeated fever that their parents blamed on the schools' running tracks or playgrounds.

After students at Beijing No 2 Experimental Primary School reportedly fell ill earlier this month, the local authorities invited a professional organization to test the toxicity of the materials used for the playground. The test results found the materials met the national standards. The test results of the playgrounds and running tracks in other schools nationwide also show the materials used met the national standards.

This has led to calls for the standards to be reviewed and possibly raised. Experts said that current national standards were drafted in 2004, and they were recommended rather than compulsory.


In the past several years, toxic runway of campus were found in Beijing, Jiangsu and many other places. In response to this situation, the compulsory national standard "Playground for Synthetic Material Surface Layer in Primary and middle Schools", which was formulated by the Ministry of Education and led by the Ministry of Education, has been finalized recently and implemented since November.1,2018. The Ministry of Education issued a circular yesterday requiring the implementation of the new national standard for synthetic surface sports venues for primary and secondary schools to be delivered and used from November 1, 2018.


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