Note The Use Of Barium Stearate And Proper Storage Methods

In our everyday life due to the chemical industry, not many understand, barium stearate word rarely heard, he in the end what is, what his purpose? It is a white or slightly yellow amorphous powder high melting point greater than 225 degrees Celsius, he has a stimulating effect on the central nervous, soluble in benzene and non-polar solvents, but he does not dissolve in water and ethanol. He can generally be used as a lubricant and the bearing liner filled, but also as a heat stabilizer of a vinyl chloride copolymer, and the like more extensive use.

1. barium stearate have a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, so when in use must pay attention to safety. If eye or skin contact to the substance should be flushed with water for at least 20 minutes.

2. If inhaled the substance sucked person to fresh air, if there are more serious issues such as the emergence of respiratory, do not be artificial respiration, can other medical respirator and rushed to a hospital.

3. When a job is usually to pay attention we must pay attention to its own protection fire, if the fire occurs, you can use dry powder, carbon dioxide fire.

4. use the time to pay attention to outside the usual storage time should also pay attention to. To be identified, isolation facilities, and have identification, such as dangerous, prohibited fireworks, warehouse staff to pay attention to care and so on.

Although there has been some understanding, but if in the selection of products to choose when or excellent quality products, excellent quality products, coupled with their knowledge reserves the right to safe use.