Physical Properties Of Diesel Oil

Diesel is characterized by low spontaneous combustion temperature, so the diesel engine does not need spark plugs, such as ignition device, it uses compressed air to improve air temperature, so that the air temperature exceeds the ignition test of diesel fuel, then sprayed into diesel oil, Biodiesel diesel spray and air mixture at the same time to ignite their own combustion. In terms of performance, the domestic traditional diesel engine has been given a heavy volume, vibration noise and pollution of the impression, Biodiesel so domestic cars are basically used gasoline engines, but in recent years, foreign well-known car dealers began to introduce some of the latest diesel technology to China, has greatly improved the people's bias against diesel engines, such as the FAW Volkswagen has just launched TDI diesel engine Bora, its environmental protection, power and smoothness are not inferior to the gasoline engine, Biodiesel but also has a unique diesel engine with huge torque and ultra-low fuel consumption, The market outlook is very promising.

The physical properties of diesel can be judged by looking, smelling, shaking, and touching. ① See: Diesel is tea yellow or brown, white and so on. Within the 3.5 chroma number, translucent. ② smell: There is a special diesel flavor, or similar to diesel odor, no acid odor and other pungent taste. ③ shake: Produce bubble small, Biodiesel disappear slower than gasoline, good fluidity. ④ touch: Volatile slow, feel smooth.

Diesel classification: No. 10th diesel, suitable for high-speed diesel engines, No. 0, minimum temperature of 4 degrees above the area,-10th is applicable to more than 5 areas,-20th is applicable to 5 degree ―-14 degree area, 35th is applicable to 14 degree ―-29 area,-50th is applicable to 29 degrees of ―-44 degrees.

What are the characteristics of diesel engine?

1 Low fuel consumption, good economy, fault less diesel engine and petrol engine compared with one of the biggest advantages, that is, its fuel consumption is lower, because of its loss and low compression ratio. Diesel engine fuel consumption rate is less than 30% of the gasoline engine, Biodiesel the price of diesel oil is cheaper than gasoline, so economic good. The diesel engine does not have the electric ignition system fault, only has the oil circuit system fault, but the oil circuit system's mechanical parts are more precise, reliable, durable, therefore the diesel engine's fault is few. (2) The formation, ignition and combustion of mixed gas are different from the gasoline engine due to the high viscosity of diesel oil, poor evaporation and low spontaneous combustion temperature, Biodiesel it is necessary to use the fuel injection chestnut and fuel injector to spray the diesel engine into the combustion chamber at the close of compression and high pressure. Therefore, the diesel engine suction cylinder is pure air, combustible mixture directly in the combustion chamber formation, and rely on the compressed high temperature air self ignition combustion. (3) Diesel engine exhaust pollution is small because the diesel engine is injected into a large number of high temperature air combustion, CO and HC production than the gasoline engine much less. However, due to excessive air and high temperature conditions generated no, more. The late burning of heavy load is carried out under the condition of high temperature and hypoxia, and it is easy to produce soot.