Plasticizer For Rubber Industry

Usually refers to fatty acid, saturated or unsaturated fatty acid ester or zinc soap, magnesium soap, calcium soap, etc.Contain polarity base, and through its polarity force, polarity of the molecular chain chain end coating rubber, or change the rubber molecular side chain chain the polarity, the rubber molecules get stable, it could reduce the rubber chain interaction, improve the mutual mobile ability of molecules, eventually improve the liquidity of the rubber.The plasticity of elastomer is improved by the chemical action of the polar base.For or other ester or its fatty acid soap, besides plasticizing effect, because of the large molecules of fatty acid base has good compatibility with rubber, so also have physical plasticizing effect, or outside the plasticizing effect.


The rubber plasticizer factory usually selects raw materials according to the requirements of users, focuses on solving the main performance indexes that users care about, and also provides a series of products for users to choose.The production process of rubber and its products is made up of raw rubber, auxiliaries, rubber compounding and processing.Rubber plasticizer, as the plasticizing system of rubber, has been widely used in the cooperation and processing of rubber. It is the third largest material in rubber industry after raw rubber and black carbon.


The key characteristics of rubber plasticizer are their respective compatibility and stability of rubber. In contrast, the advantages and disadvantages of three kinds of rubber plasticizers are as follows.


(1) the oxidation resistance and light stability of paraffin base rubber plasticizer is better, but compatibility and low temperature is relatively poor, so in many applications, due to the compatibility of paraffin base rubber plasticizer and rubber is bad, can't provide good processing performance.


(2) aromatic base rubber plasticizer has the best compatibility with rubber. The rubber products produced are of high strength, high in quantity and low in price;But the color is deep, the pollution is big, the toxicity is big, with the increasing of environmental protection requirement, the use is limited gradually.


(3) the naphthenic rubber plasticizer with paraffin and aromatic based feature, the compatibility is good, and pollution-free, non-toxic, adaptive analysing rubber is more, wide application, is the ideal rubber plasticizer.It is usually followed by the principle of material similarity, and the aromatic base rubber plasticizer is mainly used in the production of rubber products such as SBR, BR, NR and CR.Paraffin base rubber plasticizer is mainly used in the production of rubber products such as EPDM, IIR and IR.Cycloalkyl rubber plasticizer is mainly used in the production of thermoplastic elastomers and rubber products such as SBR, BR and NR, and also widely used in the production of rubber products such as IIR, IR and EPDM.


If processing rubber products related to the daily necessities of life, the toxicity is the key index of the rubber plasticizer, so you need to recommend using high-quality environmental protection rubber plasticizer, and aromatic rubber plasticizer is now the world recognized carcinogen, so do not use.But comprehensive cost into consideration, aromatic rubber plasticizer on the health situation is still not high demand a large number of use, such as the production of tires and other rubber products, but pay special attention to in the process of production of the workers' labor protection.


The selection of rubber plasticizer and the specific viscosity grade are based on the combination of raw materials, production technology and production cost.


Paraffin base rubber plasticizer has the worst compatibility with rubber, but it has good stability, elasticity and tensile strength.Aromatic base rubber plasticizer has the best compatibility with rubber, which is easy to process, but has the worst stability and the most toxic.The ring alkyl rubber plasticizer is between the two, is an ideal rubber plasticizer.


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