Plasticizer Has A Certain Plasticizing Properties

Plasticizer, also known as plasticizer (Taiwan Chinese, is the mainland Chinese plasticizer). Is widely used in industrial polymer additives, in the plastic processing to add this material, can make its flexibility to enhance, easy processing, can be legally used for industrial purposes.

A plasticizer is an additive that increases the flexibility of the material or liquefies the material. The addition of objects, including plastic, concrete, wall materials, cement and gypsum and so on. The same plasticizer is often used in different objects, but the effect is often not the same. Plasticizer as many as 100 species, but the most commonly used is a group of compounds called phthalate esters. According to statistics in 2004 the world's plasticizer market, the total about 5.5 million tons and towards 600 million tons into the.

Plastic additive plasticizer based on the use of the function, the environment is different, Plasticizer made with a variety of toughness of the hardness, glossy finished products, of which the more soft plastic products required to add more plasticizers. Generally used in the plastic wrap, a non-additive PE (polyethylene) material, but its poor viscosity; another widely used is PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic wrap, a large number of plasticizers , Plasticizer So that PVC material becomes soft and increase the viscosity, very suitable for fresh food packaging. In the plastic online plastic encyclopedia

Concrete use of plasticizers (water reducing agent), can increase the workability of the mixture to facilitate the construction of honeycomb, Plasticizer which can reduce the water content, increase the strength. The addition of a plasticizer to the wall material increases the degree of liquefaction of the mixture so that no additional moisture is added to reduce the time required to dry the wall.

Plasticizer and PVC resin compatibility, and has a certain degree of plasticity, can replace the main plasticizer (depending on the number of different products, the general rolling film, cable materials, artificial leather and other products can be added plasticizer The total amount of about 80%), Plasticizer for general PVC products for the plastics processing industry, the elevator balance chain, made plastic particles, seals and so on.

Plasticizer has a high flash point, storage and use of safer.

Plasticizer according to the pour point is divided into: SH-ZS Ⅰ, SH-ZS Ⅱ, SH-ZS Ⅲ three grades.