Plasticizer Related Standards Still Need To Be Improved

Plasticizer is one of the world's largest production and consumption of plastic additives. In recent years, China has become the largest plasticizer producer and consumer in Asia. Along with the world each country environmental protection consciousness enhancement, the medicine and the food packing, the daily necessities, the toy and so on plastic product to the main plasticizer DOP and so on proposed the higher purity and the hygienic request, but at present the domestic enterprise production main plasticizer in many performance especially the hygienic, the low toxicity and so on is difficult to satisfy the environmental protection request.


The European Union and Russia have found in plastic toys imported from China that some plastic toys originated in China contain toxic polyvinyl chloride plasticized n-diisononyl phthalate (DINP) and diethyl hexyl phthalate (DEHP, or DOP).


China allows the use of ten main plasticizers in PVC cling film, the first is the adipate octylic acid (namely DEHA, DOA), at the back of the three neighbors phthalate esters DBP, DOP, DIOP, their toxicity are the counterpart in the DEHA, because DOA production cost is higher, so most of the manufacturing enterprise in domestic PVC cling film with DOP and DBP plasticizer, the production of plastic wrap, especially on high fat meat products, or use it to package food in the microwave heating, the opportunity of plasticizer migration into food wrapped up will be more, Potential harm to human health.


At present, the research and development of environmental protection plasticizer in the world lags behind the needs of production and life obviously. With the progress of science and technology, some traditional materials may be eliminated, and the research and development of harmless, cheap, good effect of additives and other advantages of new environmental protection plasticizer as a substitute material is a key link in the development of the current plastic products industry.


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