Plasticizers Ensure Product Quality

Plasticizer, also known as plasticizing agent (Taiwanese Chinese, is the mainland Chinese plasticizer). Is the industry is widely used in polymer materials additives, in plastic processing added this material, can make its flexibility enhanced, easy to process, can be used for industrial purposes.

Plasticizer plasticizing efficiency is high, volatile small, UV-resistant, resistant to water extraction, migration is small, and cold resistance, softness and electrical properties are also good, Plasticizer is a kind of more ideal plasticizer. This product is widely used in polyvinyl chloride, vinyl chloride copolymer, cellulose resin processing, manufacturing film, artificial leather, wire and cable wrapping, sheet, plate, molded products, plasticized paste and so on. For nitrocellulose paint, it can improve the elasticity and tensile strength of the paint film. This product can also be used as synthetic rubber, such as nitrile rubber soft flower agent, Plasticizer can improve the resilience of products, reduce compression permanent deformation, and the vulcanization of rubber material has no effect.

Especially suitable for nitrocellulose coating. With excellent solubility, dispersion and adhesion, paint film softness and stability is also good. This product and pigments of good solubility, Plasticizer can be used for coloring film, artificial leather and plastic products, this product can also be used as natural rubber and elastomers plasticizer, softening agent, can improve the resilience of products. This product is mainly used in plastics, rubber, paints and lubricants, emulsifiers and other industrial plasticizers.

Plasticizer with environmental protection, non-toxic, mechanical stability, good gloss, high plastic efficiency, good solubility, not easy to oxidize and volatilization, can inhibit the leakage of oil esters and other characteristics. Mixing with plasticizers 1:1 ratio is better than using plasticizers alone. Plasticizer Reduce the production cost of the enterprise.

The price of plasticizers is small; even in the early years, when the price of octyl ester and butyl ester rose to 18000, the prices of synthetic plant esters were still around 9000. This shows that the synthetic plant ester cost-effective is very good. Six years, Plasticizer we have been stable quality, quality service to return customers to our trust. IV. Range of use of synthetic plants:

Plasticizers are widely used in: artificial leather, a variety of films, plastic sandals, PVC cable materials, transparent materials, profiles, soft and hard pipes, PVC conveyor belts, windows and doors, and glue, paint adhesives, such as all the use of plasticizers products. Synthetic plant esters are widely used and favored by customers.

Plasticizer and DBP match the best results, better than the use of plasticizers alone. Plasticizer After the use of the product toughness, scalability, better than the individual use of two octyl ester, dibutyl ester.

Plasticizer and PVC molecule have good solubility, effectively restrain oil.

Plasticizer to increase the cold resistance of products, the normal use of winter.

The plasticizer does not need to change the formula and the craft, Plasticizer enhances the plastic effect.

Plasticizer to ensure product quality while reducing a large number of production costs.