Plasticizers In Disposable Products

A study in the United States has shown that eating out or eating out may result in the intake of more harmful phthalates, commonly known as plasticizers. Eating outside food may result in an intake of 35% more phthalates than eating your own food. Studies have found that such chemicals, which are widely used to increase the toughness of plastic products, can exert estrogen-like effects in the human body, interfere with endocrine, cause male reproductive disorders, and increase the risk of breast cancer in women. Researchers believe that the association between eating and eating more phthalates may result from exposure to more plastic products, including disposable plastic lunch boxes, gloves, and food processing equipment.


Many of our current life scenes rely on disposable tableware. It is also necessary to use plasticizers for plastic tableware, but it is also a hooligan to leave the dose. So we only need to know that there is nothing to eat at home. It is better to eat healthy and delicious than to eat outside. Go back, even though you are doing dark dishes.


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