Plasticizers Role Play In PVC Production

Plasticizer is the largest variety of additives in the modern plastics industry and plays a decisive role in promoting the development of the plastics industry, especially the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) industry. Where it can be mixed with resin uniformly, no chemical change occurs during mixing, but it can reduce the glass transition temperature of the material and the melt viscosity during plastic molding and processing, and keep itself unchanged, or can remain in plastic products for a long time despite chemical changes. It can change some of the physical properties of the resin. Liquid organic compounds or low melting solids with these properties are called plasticizers. Plasticizers can reduce the elastic modulus and tensile strength at break, improve elongation and fracture. 

Elongation, improved flexibility, improved reversible bending strength, improved toughness and impact strength, reduced glass transition temperature, expanded polymer application at lower temperatures, improved adhesion to various base materials, improved or Decrease the sealing ability of the film, improve the lubricating performance and reduce friction, reduce the electrostatic charging ability, improve the surface gloss and appearance, plasticizer refers to increase the plasticizer of plastic, improve the flowability of the resin during molding, and make the product flexible Organic substances. Now commonly used are phthalates plasticizers ,non phthalates plasticizers and other plant oil base plasticizers. 

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