PVC Plasticizer

 Plasticizers are mainly used in PVC resins. In PVC soft products, 45-50 phr of plasticizers are added to the average of 100 phr of resins. Worldwide plasticizer 80-85% is used in PVC plastics, and small parts are used in rubber, cellulosic resins, coatings, etc.. Therefore, the development of plasticizer is closely related to the development of PVC

At present, PVC is still one of the most important general plastics, soft PVC in industrial developed countries accounted for about 40% of the total consumption of PVC, in the developing countries accounted for more than 60%. The application of hard PVC in building materials industry has become more widespread, hard PVC products PVC resin consumption ratio will continue to increase, the soft PVC proportion will be relatively lower, so the plasticizer consumption growth rate will be lower than the growth rate of PVC resin