PVC Products Are Inseparable From ESBO

ESBO is an epoxy plasticizer. In the process of PVC processing, as long as a small amount of epoxy soybean oil is added, the operating conditions will be improved, the processing speed will be increased, the energy consumption will be reduced, and the surface quality of PVC products will be improved. To improve the physical properties of the products to varying degrees, such as heat aging resistance, folding resistance, etc., play a positive role in reducing production costs and improving economic efficiency.

ESBO is a widely used polyvinyl chloride because of its good light and heat stability, as well as plasticization, resistance to extraction, low mobility, low volatility, good compatibility and low temperature flexibility. PVC) resin plasticizer and stabilizer, almost suitable for all soft and hard PVC products, such as various films, pipes, sheets, artificial leather, floor leather, wire and cable materials, refrigerator sealing strips, plastic wallpaper, gasket , as well as other daily-use plastic products, and photographic film with high requirements.


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