PVC Wood Plastics Composites

What is WPC: WPC material is mainly made of refined wood powder and PVC resin through polymer foaming technology, through the abrasive disposable extrusion molding material, it has the dual characteristics of wood and plastic, and abandoned the defects of wood and plastic.It compares lumber bibulous rate is low, not easy deformation craze, prevent insect to eat by moth mildew.With high mechanical properties, light weight, moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean and other characteristics.It has economic benefits, environmental benefits and social benefits, and is the national key promotion of "material saving instead of wood" demonstration project. The development of ecological wood-plastic composite products brings a green revolution in the field of building materials without cutting trees.It can replace logs, plastics and aluminum in many fields, and is a new generation of energy-saving and environmental protection products for wood saving in the future.


Wood-plastic products are mainly used in wall panels, ceiling, decorative boards, furniture and logistics packaging pallets, floors, vehicle and ship decoration materials, children's desks, gun boxes and other civil home decoration, tooling, government and military areas.

Advantages: waterproof, flame retardant, sound insulation, anti - mildew, zero formaldehyde.


Environmental protection significance of PVC wood - plastic board

In daily life, we can see wood-plastic board and other environmental protection building materials are widely used. The concept of wood-plastic products is "take from nature and return to nature".Plastic-wood, or wood-plastic composite material, is a new kind of composite material in recent years.This kind of material with the raw material that degrades synthetic resin and wood fiber give priority to passes extruding, molding, injection molding, produce plank or profile.According to the relevant information, every production of a ton of plastic wood products, can avoid more than one tree is cut down.

The production technology and manufacturing process of wood-plastic products will not produce pollution, and the formaldehyde emission of the plate is zero.It can also be recycled, so it can be called the true meaning of environmental protection, energy saving, resource recycling wood industry out of the new products.With the natural appearance of wood, texture.Better than wood dimension stability, no wood knot, will not produce cracks, warping, deformation, products can be made into a variety of colors, the surface without the second coating paint can also be long lasting new color.

Wood-plastic board anti-corrosion, anti-uv damage, anti-bacterial erosion, insect resistance, no cracking, fade slowly, non-toxic and harmless, simple installation, recyclable recycling, health and environmental protection, more and more used to replace wood, for us to retain more green.At ordinary times we can see the form of wood plastic board in the park walkway, square corridor, it is mainly used in the floor, chairs and stools, household, door board and so on the production.In the continuous development of the national economic cycle, the development of wood-plastic products from any point of view, the growth of wood-plastic composites and manufactured goods have considerable space.

Reduce the consumption of wood, but also another sense of afforestation!


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