Recent Material PTA Situation

Although the international crude oil market has a small rebound but pessimism is still relatively heavy.Negative domestic reference rate of change continued to fall sharply, and domestic gasoline and diesel demand remained light.Regarding the diesel,although the international crude oil market rebounded slightly, the pessimism was still heavy.Negative domestic reference rate of change continued to fall, and domestic gasoline, diesel demand remains light.

Crude oil futures fell limit, PTA continued to decline.On November 26, PTA spot price in east China market was quoted as 6233.33 yuan/ton, down 200 yuan/ton from the previous trading day, down 3.11%.PTA main force 1901 contract closed price 5946 yuan/ton, down 148 yuan/ton, down 2.43%;Yisheng petrochemical PTA internal plate spot listing price 6200 yuan/ton, month-on-month Monday price fell 500 yuan/ton;Hengli PTA internal plate spot price quoted 7030 yuan/ton, the price fell 770 yuan/ton.Production and marketing: November 23, polyester production and marketing is weak, polyester filament production and marketing 50%, polyester short fiber production and marketing 30%-60%, polyester chip production and marketing 30%-50%.On November 26, 1901, the main contract of Shanghai crude oil futures closed at 418.9 yuan/barrel, down 22.1 yuan/ton, down 5.01 percent.Downstream production and sales is weak, strong mood to wait and see.Saudi Arabia and OPEC's stance on production cuts for next year remains unclear,with worries about dampening demand expectations and a sharp fall in raw material prices triggered by the collapse in global oil prices.


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