Some Of The Aid Measures On Barium Stearate

On the market using barium stearate has been very extensive, but in the actual production, for this material we still have to pay close attention, if there is an emergency need to take the right first aid measures. Here Gaomi City, Shandong Province, the Friends and additives Limited on the accident phenomenon given first aid measures.

1. Skin contact: Remove and isolate contaminated clothing and shoes. Note that the patient warm and quiet.

2. Eye contact: If skin or eye contact with the substance, rinse with water for more than twenty minutes.

3. Inhalation: If it is the case of inhalation, to patients to fresh air and seek medical attention. If severe cases, breathing stops, artificial respiration. However, when performing artificial respiration to take some safety measures to prevent inhaled gas is influenced by this artificial respiration. Later to be sent immediately to hospital for treatment.

4. Ingestion: If ingested may cause some delayed problems, so always pay attention to worker safety training.

5. A worker at the time of the job, to complete Wear protective equipment. But also to regular training popularize safety knowledge.