Stabilizer Is Easy To Use

Stabilizer classification and performance requirements

The ideal stabilizer should have the following basic conditions of use (the principle of selection of stabilizers):

(1) high thermal stability, Stabilizer and has good light stability.

(2) and PVC compatibility is good, good good, no promotion, no migration, no spray cream, not easy to be water, oil and other solvents out.

(3) have the appropriate lubrication, in the extrusion process without the phenomenon of pressure analysis, no scaling.

(4) does not react with other additives, Stabilizer not sulfur and copper and other substances pollution.

(5) does not reduce the electrical properties of products and printing and other secondary processing performance.

(6) non-toxic ﹑ no abnormal smell ﹑ do not pollute, you can make transparent products.

(7) easy to use, low prices.

In fact, it is possible to fully meet the above conditions, the single product stabilizer is not present, so it is necessary to combine the target and select the stabilizer. Stabilizer There are many kinds of stabilizers for PVC, different classification methods, but generally use chemical composition classification. Mainly including lead salts, metal soap, organic tin, organic antimony, rare earth and other metal compounds and organic auxiliary stabilizer.

A major test method for stabilizers

The use of oil bath, built-in glycerol, PVC to be tested with the stabilizer mixed with the material into the small test tube into a slight shock to make the material becomes strong, and then into the oil bath, the oil bath in the glycerin ahead Set the temperature of about 170 ℃, Stabilizer so that the small tube PVC material on the upper surface of the upper surface of the same phase with glycerin, small tube above, into a plug with a fine glass tube, glass tube up and down through the glass tube Insert the Congo red test paper so that the lower edge of the Congo red test strip is about 2 cm from the upper edge of the PVC material. After the start of the experiment, record the time from the test tube to the test tube in the Congo red test paper began to blue, that is, Stabilizer heat stability time. The basic theory of this experiment is when the PVC at about 170 ℃ temperature, will be a sharp decomposition, but due to the addition of a stabilizer, inhibit its decomposition, with the extension of time, the stabilizer consumption, when the consumption is completed, PVC Will be a sharp decomposition of the release of HCl gas, this time, the tube of red reagent in the tube due to easily react with the HCl and discoloration, will immediately show out, record the time at this time, the length of time to determine the advantages of stabilizing effect inferior.