Stabilizer Uses A Wide Range Of

The meaning of stabilizers:

1, broadly speaking, can increase the solution, colloid, solid, the stability of the mixture of chemical compounds are called stabilizers. It can slow down the reaction, keep the chemical balance, reduce the surface tension, prevent the light, thermal decomposition or oxidation decomposition and other effects. Stabilizer The broad range of chemical stabilizer sources is very extensive, mainly according to the design purpose of formula designers, can flexibly use any chemical to achieve product quality stability purposes.

2, narrowly speaking, mainly refers to maintain the polymer plastic, rubber, Stabilizer synthetic fiber and other stability, prevent its decomposition, aging reagents.

Stabilizer and its different combinations are various, in order to better grasp its cutting properties and characteristics, must be classified. In the existing classification methods, the most obvious is based on its chemical composition to classify, followed by its thermal stability, optical stability, Stabilizer electrical and used in hard or soft products transparent or opaque, toxic or non-toxic and so on different conditions for classification.

Usually, the stabilizer is divided into four types: lead salts, metal soaps, organotin and epoxy esters. Lead salts can be divided into salt-based lead and general salt. Metal soaps are mainly stearic acid metal soap and can be divided into lead soap, barium soap, paving soap, calcium soap and zinc soap and so on. Stabilizer Organic tin is also a variety of, such as the lauric acid two Butyltin series, maleic acid butyltin system and mercaptan tin system. The secondary stabilizer is epoxy ester, chelating agent and so on.

Stabilizer for white to off-white particles or powder, is 4-methyl benzene and 5-methyl benzene three-benzotriazole mixture, melting point 78-85°c, insoluble in water, soluble in alcohols, benzene, toluene, chloroform and other organic solvents, soluble in dilute alkali.

Stabilizing Agent uses:

Mainly used as metal, such as silver, copper, lead, nickel, zinc and other anti-rust agents and corrosion inhibitors, widely used in anti-rust oil (grease) products, more for copper and copper alloy gas phase corrosion inhibitor circulating water treatment agent, automobile antifreeze, polymer stabilizer, Stabilizer plant growth regulator, lubricating oil additives, ultraviolet absorbent and so on. This product can also be used with a variety of scale inhibitor, bactericidal alga agent, especially for closed circulating cooling water system corrosion effect is very good.