JIAAO heat stabilizers help preserve the polymer’s appearance, strength, elasticity, durability and performance characteristics. Two basic types of heat stabilizers are used in polymers: organophosphites, which protect polymers during the manufacturing process, and phenolic antioxidants that protect the polymer during its usable life. A variety of additives fall under those two categories. How the polymer will be manufactured, processed and used influences the choice of heat stabilizer.

PVC is the most common polymer that benefits from the addition of heat stabilizers, and it shows up virtually everywhere in everyday life. It’s a preferred construction material, it’s used in medical devices, children’s toys, as protective housing for delicate cables and wires, and even in credit cards. PVC is one of the most versatile polymers, but it’s also susceptible to heat damage. In PVC, heat stabilizers must accomplish several functions, including neutralizing hydrogen chloride, replace weakened carbon-chlorine bonds, and prevent oxidation. JIAAO focuse on eco - friendly heat stabilizers like Ca - Zn Stabilizers, Ba - Zn stabilizers both of them have liquid and powder type.


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