Stopping The European PPA Unsubsidised Solar Project Under The Outbreak Will Stall

Since 2018, the trend of power purchase agreement (PPA) spreading in the European continent is hot, but the impact of the new outbreak overseas this year, PPA agreement will be in trouble.


According to Enervis, a German energy consultancy, solar projects under development in Europe related to power-purchase agreements are likely to be delayed by the Covid 19 outbreak, and new unsubsidised projects are unlikely in the short term due to the current state of the economy, with the hope that the situation will ease between the end of this year and the beginning of next year.


The Enervis report estimates that installed solar capacity in Europe has reached 8.4 gigawatts in recent years. The study, based on data from 25 countries, shows that Europe's largest market for PPA solar plants is Spain, which last year alone announced 439 gigawatts of photovoltaic projects. According to the report, Italy and Germany followed with PPA deals of 1.91gw and 1.05gw respectively, with demand rising in Portugal (444MW), Denmark (338MW), France (158MW), Ukraine (44MW), Poland (35MW), Sweden (16MW) and the UK (6MW).


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