The Action Principle Of Cold Resistant Plasticizer

(1) when the plasticizer melt together with resin, small molecules. Principle of plasticizers will be inserted into the polymer chain, weaken the attraction between polymer chains, increasing effects of plasticizers principle increases the distance between them, the increase of mobile polymer chains may be. Reduce the entanglement between polymer chains, the resin at low temperature can produce glass transition, so as to increase the plastic plastic. It can be seen that the principle of action of cold resistant plasticizers is a major reason for the resistance to plasticization by the gravitational and entanglement of polymer chains.

(2) the molecular structure of the polymer also affect the polymer chains between gravity, especially the properties of each group of the polymer chains, large force chains with strong polar groups, with molecular chain non polar group interactions, in order to make strong polar groups of the polymer is easy to molding. You can add cold-resistance plasticizer, doaa polar groups with polymer polar group interactions, thus weakening the attraction between polymer, also reached the purpose of plasticizer.