The Current Status Of PTA Bosses With Polyester Factory

The recent polyester industry chain, to say who the performance of the most fierce, think of the inevitable PTA.

With its low inventory and strong industrial discourse right, the current PTA profit makes people very envious!According to statistics, recently its cash flow has been close to 1350 yuan/ton, rushed to nearly nine months since the high profit.

Profit is about to turn from positive to negative.Recently, the profit of PTA production has been rising mainly due to the decline in the price of PX, the raw material, and the downstream profit.However, under the situation that PX makes profits from PTA, PTA always stands on its own.The personage inside course of study expresses, the polyester raw material industry that is represented by PTA is concentrated degree on the high side relative to other variety, but the main raw material that its regard chemical fiber as the product involves a face wider, channel link is simple also, at the same time PTA suffers big factory, capital influence is the most apparent, because this also is easier to control.

At the same time, although polyester products in recent years has been driven by the increase in raw material prices, but this time is different from the past, in the cost of a strong repression, polyester filament cost.Although cost support remains strong, but the recent polyester silk on dynamic performance are relatively limited, current terminal textile demand is weak, downstream of polyester procurement enthusiasm is not high, polyester inventory pressure increases gradually, at the same time, the recent pressure on polyester factory had to depreciate sales promotion way to run a rebound in production and sales, however, it seems that the action allows the downstream still not, always hard to make a smooth production and sales, inventory is still rising, the late jiangsu loom machine will continue to decline, gains and profits to form suppression of polyester products.

With the substantial increase of polyester production cost, polyester enterprises increase the production pressure, and the stagflation of the downstream polyester filament leads to the loss of profits.In the early stage, some industry professionals also expressed the same view to the small series: "before the loss of profits will limit the production price, adjust inventory, this year the old method has not been used on a large scale, late polyester plant production trend or will take action.Sure enough, polyester plant in the face of growing losses, but also in the near future out of the "killer" - cut production.

The reduction of polyester demand or the late impact on PTA price, but PTA manufacturers as the upstream has always dominated the price, coupled with the increasing willingness of production enterprises to support the price year by year, to let PTA share a piece of the downstream, also depends on the actual reduction of polyester plant production dynamics and the statement of the big boss.However, it seems that PTA factory is still looking forward to the profit of "printing machine". While polyester factory reduces and discontinues production, in the short term, the profit contradiction in the current industrial chain is indeed unreasonable. With the decrease of polyester factory, PTA high profit is bound to partly transfer to polyester factory, but the market during this period is bound to be uneven.

Weaving and the downstream market is a big problem, may have to, downstream yue four traditional peak season is over, now the main weaving the early stage of the production base of whole machine is difficult to have a improvement, part of the downstream mill by the raw materials have to choose moderate cost, capital pressure drop, and early although some orders issued in succession, but few orders, and subsequent orders are still scarce, on the other hand, due to the fabric price to rise, both show a small profit.Generally speaking, the recovery of terminal demand is still not optimistic. Entering may, the expectation of weak market demand is still relatively common.


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