The Dangers Of Lead Exposure

Among lead’s far reaching negative health effects are: neurological and nerve damage, memory loss, increased risk of heart attack, stroke, infertility, birth defects, cancer, weak bones, muscle and joint pain, high blood pressure and kidney problems.

Young children are particularly vulnerable to the toxic effects of lead because their bodies absorb more than adults and they can suffer profound and permanent adverse health effects. It’s important to remember that lead also accumulates over time causing greater damage.

Lead can destroy myelin insulation and prevent nerves from transmitting messages properly causing: reduced IQ, learning disabilities, decreased growth, hyperactive and antisocial behavior, and impaired hearing.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says there is no safe level of lead exposure for anyone.


Clearly, it’s critical that we avoid PVC products containing lead as a stabilizer and fortunately the trend has been to move away from lead stabilizers in the past decade. But because of lack of regulation, determining which products contain lead can be difficult.


Jiaao is making great effort to push the development of lead free stablizer. We have Ca-Zn liquid plasticizer and powder plasticizers.  Welcome you to consult with us. joey(a)  

Today we have new eco-friendly stabilizers that could replace Pb stabilizer. Let's return a Pb-free environment to our children and our futures.


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