The Destruction Of Bio-fuels

Compared to fossil fuels, biofuels have been considered as a " green energy ", and the Netherlands is world recognized pioneer in the development of biofuels. In recent years, the Dutch use of palm oil imports from Southeast Asia to produce biofuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, Dutch scientists recently found that, as demand for palm oil grows, in large tracts of tropical rain forests have been felled in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia.  Palm plantation area multiplied, the land abuse of chemical fertilizer is also growing. What's worse is, people opened up through the drain and burning of wetland plant, this process generates much carbon dioxide.  According to a study published last december, wetlands drained and burned every year in Indonesia produced 2 billion tons of carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide emissions in Indonesia has risen to third in the world. 

Seeing these facts, human cannot but consider how green is the biofuel?


Use of biofuels can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but if the production process lead to more pollution, we pay more!  the use of biofuels might clean the sky of Europe, but what if the consequence is the sky of Asia getting dirty ?  So for the entire planet, it's just a game of Rob Peter to pay Paul.  A British environmental groups believe that Biofuels should not be simply classified as " renewable ", but human should do more research to identify whether  biofuels are produced in the form of non - pollution production.  The fact is really shocking that palm oil's production was at the cost of the destruction of rainforest and wetlands. 

As we all know, tropical rain forests can clean the air and they are taken as the lungs of the earth.  The tropical rain forests have the ability to absorb greenhouse gases.  Is it worthy to use these tropical rain forests that absorb greenhouse gases to exchange to fuel with low - greenhouse gas emissions?  I'm afraid everyone know the answer.  Even a member of the Netherlands pointed out that the Netherlands Government should give the Indonesian Government environmental subsidies.


Blind development of biofuels also makes human food resources under threat. Palm oil is edible oil. high demand for palm oil made palm oil prices rose sharply, which has affected the lives of ordinary people. Similarly, the United States promoting development of corn biofuel, cause corn prices shot up, the supply of maize has affected neighboring countries. The non-enough feed corn supply cause pork, beef, dairy and other food prices raising. Last year, global food generally cuts, some countries were still lack of food, many people were hungry, even faced with death, however in some other countries, food were fed to the machines.

    The road to hell is paved with good intention.  Although bio-fuel is a moden, good idea, it cannot be taken for granted to be seen as "clean energy" . Before a strong proponent of biofuel, an adequate research should be done on the consequences of its production and its extensive use.


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