The EU's Minimum Price Undertakings On Argentinian Biodiesel Producers Will Come Into Force Tomorrow

The EU's minimum price undertakings on Argentinian biodiesel producers will come into force tomorrow, after publication in the EU official journal today.

After setting a minimum price, eight Argentine biodiesel producers will be allowed to export to the EU without paying anti-subsidy duties (ASDs). The commission sees the deal as "restoring" a level playing field for European biodiesel producers.

The co-operating exporting producers listed for minimum-price undertakings are Molinos Agro, Oleaginosa Moreno Hermanos, Vicentin, Aceitera General Deheza, Bunge Argentina, Louis Dreyfus Commodities Argentina, Cargill and COFCO International Argentina.

The European Commission last year proposed definitive countervailing duty should be imposed on "subsidised imports" of Argentinian biodiesel to the EU, and set duties rates of 26.2-33.4pc.

The deal with Argentinian producers could settle a long-standing trade dispute. Definitive anti-dumping duties were imposed by the EU in 2013 after a complaint by the European Biodiesel Board (EBB).


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