The Eu Will Increase The Rate Of PET Recycling

Currently, the recycling rate of PET bottles in Europe is around 58%. The European commission recently proposed that the recycling rate of PET bottles should reach 77% in 2025 and 90% in 2030.


To further improve the recycling rate of PET bottles, the commission wants to introduce deposit systems in more countries. Some countries, including France and Italy, which are the second - and third-biggest consumers of PET in Europe, are facing resistance.


In the field of PET bottle design, EPBP(European PET bottle platform) has been established by relevant European associations to discuss and formulate PET bottle design specifications in order to promote physical circulation. EPBP recommends transparent PET as far as possible and avoid the design of opaque PET bottles. In addition, EPBP calls on all PET bottle resin, additives, technology and process manufacturers to test their newly introduced products, and EPBP will provide free evaluation.


Different from the situation in China, the downstream market of recycled PET in Europe ranks the first with a market share of 40%. The second is blow molding, market share of 30%.


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