The Future Of The PVC Industry-Eco-friendly Plasticizers

In our country, the influence of factors such as cost, PVC material of a variety of packaging film is widely used in all kinds of articles for daily use, 40% ~ 40% cheaper than other plastic materials, the largest share of the market also.
PVC material of plastic products in the future usage remains the largest in China, however, from the perspective of the use of plasticizer, in developed countries and the area has been limited phthalate plasticizers products more popular in our country, our country standards and regulations on the question of plasticizer is also conflict each other, PVC material quality of the products for consumers.
Phthalic acid ester, for example, is a kind of plasticizer, mainly can increase the flexibility of cover. Is cover of PP and PE materials generally does not contain the two substances, for the most part cover of PVC material can be detected, because PVC plasticizer is relatively low cost is tie-in, can make the cover to meet the use requirements.

For example, at present, the wire is in line with international standards, according to the international ISO standard, the telecommunications industry cable heat resistance level will be raised to 105 ℃.Because the TOTM has good insulating performance advantages of small, low volatile, mobility, widely used in wire and cable, auto interior materials, heat-resistant wire coating, high-performance polyester, motor and motor using copper waterproof coating and advanced plastic products. Under the background of the industry, expects China's wire consumption of TOTM consumption since the rapid growth of 73000 tons in 2014 to 127000 tons in 2020, the average annual compound growth rate of 9.7%.

Now in our country also allows the use of traditional DOP and DBP plasticizer, the standard lag makes many domestic PVC material products export is blocked. Therefore, solve the problem of plasticizer standard lag is imminent. With the rapid growth of the market demand for green environmental protection plasticizer, increase investment in science and technology, development of nontoxic plasticizer green become the key to the sustainable development of industry, also cannot leave the fund and policy support.
Plasticizer in the current domestic market, the main production is given priority to with phthalate plasticizers, the development of environment-friendly plasticizers with a relatively low proportion of the foreign, phthalate plasticizer of excess. In 2014, the total phthalate plasticizers consumption plasticizer consumption ratio reached 80%, the dosage of DOP is the domestic largest plasticizer, about 56% of total consumption. The consumption structure of domestic plasticizers market and international non-toxic environmental protection of phthalate plasticizers has gradually replace traditional adjacent benzene class situation stands in stark contrast, according to statistics, in recent years the phthalate plasticizers accounted for only about 64% of the total consumption of plasticizer, Western Europe phthalate plasticizers accounted for around 70% of the total consumption of plasticizer. With the improvement of the environmental protection consciousness, with green, environmental protection has become an inevitable trend of plasticizer product alternatives to traditional varieties.