The Market Prospect Of Diesel Oil Is Very Promising

Diesel is a mixture of light petroleum products and complex hydrocarbons (carbon atoms of about 10~22). For diesel fuel. Mainly from crude oil distillation, catalytic cracking, hot cracking, hydrocracking, petroleum coking process produced by the production of diesel distillate, can also be made from shale oil processing and coal liquefaction. Divided into light diesel oil (boiling point range of about 180~370℃) and heavy diesel (boiling range of about 350~410℃) two major categories. Widely used in large vehicles, railway locomotives, ship ships. Biodiesel The most important performance of diesel fuel is ignition and fluidity.

Diesel oil According to the solidification point classification, such as 10,-20, indicating low use temperature, diesel is widely used in large vehicles, ship ships. Mainly used as a diesel engine liquid fuel, Biodiesel because of the high speed Diesel engine (automotive) than the gasoline engine fuel, the demand for diesel oil growth is greater than gasoline, some small cars have switched to diesel.

The main index is 16 alkane value, viscosity, solidification point and so on. The quality requirements of diesel fuel are good for combustion performance and fluidity. The combustion performance of the 16-alkane value of the higher the better, the daqing crude oil made of 16 alkane value of up to 68. High-speed diesel engine with light diesel 16 alkane value of 42~55, Low-speed below 35.

The 16 alkane value refers to the volume percentage of the normal structure 16 alkanes contained in the standard fuel which is equivalent to the spontaneous combustion of the diesel oil. Standard fuel is a mixture of n-16 and α-methyl naphthalene in different volume percentages, of which positive 16 alkanes have good spontaneous combustion, Biodiesel which stipulates that the 16 alkane value is 100, and the α-methyl naphthalene has a poor spontaneous combustion, and stipulates its 16 Alkane value as 0. The determination of 16 alkane value is carried out on the standard single cylinder diesel engine in the laboratory. 16 high-octane diesel, easy to start, the combustion is homogeneous, the output power is big, the 16 alkane value is low, the ignition is slow, the work is unstable, Biodiesel is easy to have the detonation, generally uses in the high speed diesel engine light diesel, its 16 alkane value to 40~55 is advisable, the medium and low speed diesel engine heavy Diesel's 16 alkane value may be The level of diesel 16 alkanes is related to its chemical composition: the 16 alkanes of N-alkanes are the highest, the lowest 16 alkanes of aromatic hydrocarbons, Biodiesel and the center of heterogeneous hydrocarbons and cycloalkanes. Most of China's diesel oil from paraffin base crude oil (such as daqing crude oil), diesel oil in higher alkane content, so 16 of high value; The 16 alkane value of Daqing straight-run diesel oil is up to 68, but the diesel distillate obtained by FCC processing is 16 n below 40. The 16-alkane value of diesel can be improved by adding additives, and the commonly used additives are amyl nitrate or hexyl ester. The ignition of diesel oil can also be expressed by diesel index, which is calculated by the formula of aniline point and relative density of diesel oil. Another method for characterizing diesel ignition is the 16-alkane index, Biodiesel which is calculated by the relative density and 50% distillate temperature according to the prescribed formula.

Diesel oil is widely used in large vehicles, ships, generators and so on. Mainly used as a diesel engine liquid fuel, because of high-speed diesel engine (automotive) than gasoline engine oil, diesel demand growth rate is greater than gasoline. Diesel has a low energy consumption, low pollution environmental characteristics, so some small cars and even high-performance cars have switched to diesel.

The most important use of diesel is the diesel engine for vehicles and ships. Compared with gasoline, diesel energy density is high, fuel consumption rate is low. Diesel has low energy consumption, so some small cars and even high-performance cars switch to diesel.

Diesel classification: No. 10th diesel, suitable for high-speed diesel engines, No. 0, minimum temperature of 4 degrees above the area,-10th is applicable to more than 5 areas,-20th is applicable to 5 degree ―-14 degree area, 35th is applicable to 14 degree ―-29 area,-50th is applicable to 29 degrees of ―-44 degrees.

Diesel is characterized by low spontaneous combustion temperature, so the diesel engine does not need spark plugs, such as ignition device, it uses compressed air to improve air temperature, Biodiesel so that the air temperature exceeds the ignition test of diesel fuel, then sprayed into diesel oil, diesel spray and air mixture at the same time to ignite their own combustion. In terms of performance, domestic traditional diesel engine has been given a heavy volume, vibration noise and emission pollution of the impression, so the basic use of domestic cars gasoline engines, but in recent years, foreign well-known car dealers began to introduce some of the latest diesel technology to China, Biodiesel greatly improved the Chinese diesel engine bias, For example, FAW Volkswagen has just launched the TDI diesel engine Bora, its environmental protection, power and smoothness are not inferior to the gasoline engine, but also has a unique diesel engine torque and ultra-low fuel consumption, the market prospects are very optimistic.