The Physical Properties Of Plastic Profiles

1, thermal insulation of: PVC resin thermal conductivity is very low, only 1/1250 of aluminum for steel 1/357; on the other hand, is designed as a hollow plastic profile multi-cavity structure, the cavity still air It has good insulation effect. Since the steel doors> Windows are fitted at each slit rubber seal, {TodayHot} than the other doors can effectively reduce the penetration of air gap for insulation, sound insulation are greatly improved. After testing, equipped with plastic window other than the window of the room, the winter temperature can be increased 4 ~ 5 ℃.


2, noise: As the plastic windows are made of rubber seal gaps or sealing strip, so airtight, watertight superior to other windows and doors, plus profiles of multi-cavity hollow structure, making special steel doors and windows soundproofed it is good. According to the test, 5 meters from the road building and plastic window insulation effect from the same road 50 meters aluminum windows buildings. This feature can be widely used to make plastic window requires a quiet building and the downtown area.


3, weather resistance: As a manufacturer of plastic profiles formula plus a UV absorber and low temperature impact resistance modifier, thereby improving the weather resistance; long-term use in drastic changes in temperature environment, {HotTag} aging, deterioration; embrittlement discoloration. Antarctic Great Wall Station and Zhongshan Station, Haikou Power Plant application to illustrate this point.


4, corrosion resistance: corrosion steel doors and windows acid, alkali and other chemical components, with stainless steel, not rotten and other characteristics, especially suitable for the climate, the greater the humidity and pollution in the region of high impurity content using industrial regions; wood steel, aluminum windows incomparable.


5, fire resistance, electrical insulation: PVC material used in plastic doors and windows can be self-extinguishing in case of fire, no combustion, the fire better than wooden windows. Meanwhile PVC material is a good insulator, non-conductive, insulating better than ordinary steel window and aluminum window; safe.


6, wind pressure strength: the use of reinforced plastic doors and windows assembly reinforcement inside the main parts of the force, so the wind pressure strength fully meet the needs of the construction project.



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