The Role Of Plastic Additive In The Process Of Composite Material Production

Plastic additives are chemical products that are required to be added to the product in the production process, often referred to as plastic additives or plastic additives. In the composite plastic products industry, the role of plastic additives mainly in the following aspects of the role.

First, in the composite materials in the preparation, storage, processing and use of the process of aging easily, in order to prevent or delay the aging of materials, in the process of the need to add a kind of plastic additives stabilizer.

Second, in order to improve the tensile strength, hardness, impact resistance of resin composite materials, often add some plastic additives can improve mechanical properties.

Third, plastic additives can also improve the processing performance. In the process of preparation and processing of composite materials, some diluted plastic additives are often added to improve the processing properties of composites, such as increasing fluidity and demoulding.