The Use Of Sebacic Acid

HOOC(CH2)8COOH is also known as sebaceous acid.Pure white flake crystal, industrial products with a light yellow, melting point of 134.5℃.It is mainly made from castor oil, which is one of the agricultural and forestry chemical products.

Sebacic acid was first obtained by distillation of castor oil with alkali. Later, a synthetic method was developed.At present, the commonly used alkali hydrolysis method of castor oil is the saponification reaction of castor oil and alkali liquid at 100℃ to produce castor oil sodium and glycerin.Sodium ricinoleate was separated and sulfuric acid was added to form ricinoleic acid, and then alkali hydrolysis reaction was carried out with reaction temperature of 260 ~ 280℃, using low pressure or high pressure.The reaction produces disodium sebacate, 2-octanol and hydrogen.Finally, the product was neutralized by sulfuric acid, decolorized, crystallized and dried.

China is the production of castor oil country, castor oil annual output of more than 100,000 tons, so most manufacturers use castor oil as raw material production of sebacic acid.As a traditional export product of China, the annual output of dihydrosolic acid has reached over 10,000 tons, accounting for about 1/3 of the world's demand for dihydrosolic acid.

Sebacic acid is widely used, mainly used to make sebacic acid ester class, such as sebacic acid dioctyl ester can be used as plastic, cold rubber plasticizer, also can be used to make polyamide, polyurethane, alkyd resin, synthetic lubricating oil, lubricating oil additive.Epoxy curing agent polydecaneic anhydride, as well as spices, coatings, cosmetics, etc.


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